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Sale Policy for Netherland Dwarf's 


AT THIS TIME! No visitors are allowed at the rabbitry! I'm still in the process of moving my rabbits/cages, this will change soon.


I do ship. Buyer is responsible to all expenses which include carrier charges, vet check up, shipping, mileage- a 500$ minimum is required.


Those who are on my waiting list will be before someone who is not- please send me a e-mail or call me to let me know what you are looking for and you will be put on my waiting list..You will be notified when I have what your looking for.



I can meet you within 50 miles no charge, any further it's .75cents a mile, unless otherwise noted.


I sale my rabbit's to my best knowledge. I cannot guarantee you will have a BIS rabbit. Show Quality means it's free of DQ's, faults and matches the Netherland Dwarf type to the standards.


Brood quality means no DQ's but might be a larger doe or a dwarf that I feel would not do great on the table.


4-H quality is a show quality rabbit that i've decided to sell to only 4-Her's:)


Pet quality- I will get rid of these before 10 weeks of age- these have DQ's, faults or it's a un-showable color.


All Sales are Final. 





If for any reason the customer decides not to pick up their rabbit all deposits and payments are forfeited. Paypal payments will also be forfeited and may not be contested according to this sales agreement. Customers must be in contact with me each month that I am caring for their rabbit. After 30 days if they have not contacted me and I am not able to reach them the rabbit will be sold..For deposits over 100$- your deposit will always remain until you decide to pick up.


Only on rare occasions will I accept a returned rabbit once it has been sold. On those occasions I will keep the rabbit quarantined to ensure it is healthy for 15 days. When I am able to adopt the rabbit out, your money will be refunded minus care fees ($10 a month).



No visitors allowed at the farm as of now..




Most all of my rabbits are sold with pedigrees. If for any reason the rabbit is not "Showable" not meeting ARBA standards you will either not get a pedigree or the pedigree will clearly indicate this. It is the responsibility of every breeder to keep good records to ensure they maintain accurate pedigrees and I follow this strictly. I cannot verify the ancestory of a rabbit that has not been a part of my rabbitry and can only duplicate that ancestory in my records. Any rabbit originating from Double R Dwarf's must retain the rabbitry name as a part of the rabbits name permanently. But a side note on Pedigrees... I do not breed for "Papers" I breed for Netherlands! Rabbits do not need papers to be shown. Most of mine do have pedigrees... But I work alot with imports so alot of my pedigrees look empty.


I cannot make any guarantees about the success customers will have with their breeding programs as there are many factors involved in successfully mating rabbits. I can sell "Proven" bucks and does which will increase the possibility of successful breedings but the customer is ultimately responsible for managing breeding.



Thank-you for taking the time to read this!